Customer Relationship Management "CRM"

Arcus CRM Software is a cloud based CRM System that will work effectively for just about any business. The main reasons companies choose an online CRM solution is to try and organise their customer activities, to be more effective and secure more business. Over the last few years, CRM Software has taken the market by storm and as you look for a product that fits your needs so you start to think “where do I begin?”.

Since there are so many products out there, you you need to decide what problem your CRM Software will solve? Do you need an online CRM product; do you want a CRM Program you install on your PC? Simple CRM, CRM for Small Business, CRM for Enterprise, Web CRM?  The options are endless and what we have created is exceptional value for money, the CRM tools are extensive, integration with other products is also of a high standard.

What really makes our CRM special is the integration with other components of the end to end suite. When CRM software allows you to do full sales life cycle management (leads, campaigns, opportunities) through to implementation projects and further into the contracting and support, you are quickly able to gain value.

Its definitely worth exploring what we feel is the the best CRM for small business, Offering exceptional value for money and of a very high quality, our CRM Software is fully proven to be scalable with your business all the way to a big and successful future.

Key Features

Low Cost / High Quality

Cloud Hosting

Extensive Contact Management

Opportunity Management

Interaction Tracking

Lead Management

Marketing Automation

E-Mail Marketing

Key Benefits

Low Cost / High Quality

Use Existing Contact Data

Drive Increased Sales

Increase Customer Engagement

Improve Customer Experience

Cloud Hosted

Increase Productivity

Demonstrate Differentiation of Service

Features & Functions

  • Business Relationship Management

    Everything you need about each company in one place, including all of your activities and relationships. Easy access to all contacts, communications, leads, opportunities, meeting reports, quotes, orders, contracts and tickets.

    Sales Lead Management

    As you generate new opportunity leads from inbound and outbound business development activities you can assign, track and manage all leads with seamless workflows and record and track them against partners, contacts, companies and opportunities.

    Opportunity Management

    You can manage all of your business opportunities through comprehensive and customizable entries, including sales processes and sales stages that reflect your operations, and flexible catalogue structures to make them relevant to how you run your business. The more quality detail you capture in your opportunities the more the information output will help your business.

    Managing Customer Relationships

    Create snapshot summaries so you can understand who plays what part in the customer decision-making process and what the status of your current relationship is with each of them. By understanding this, you decide what you need to do, and with whom, to help you close the business.

    Proposal Generator

    No need to click out to another application, you can generate simple quotes or more detailed proposals directly from the opportunity and personalise the document for your customers with automated information entry from your products and services catalogue within CloudWorksIT .

    Products / Services Catalogue

    You can build a products and services catalogue structure within CloudWorksIT CRM Software to match your business propositions and the way you charge including costs, price list, discount structures, periodic charging and variable taxes and track margins in the future.

    Marketing Campaign Management

    It's important to have easy ways to communicate with your customers as well as your potential customers. You can plan, organise, develop, design, run and execute any outbound marketing campaign from one place from your company and contact records.

    Track Sales Targets

    Not everyone has a simple target with one measurable result. You can set and track multiple component sales targets for your people, with different objectives for different products and services.

    Cash Forecasts

    Why do Cloud CRM systems only focus on order pipelines and forecasts? Cash is equally, if not more, important, so we enable you to estimate invoice dates and cash into your business for each committed opportunity and gain great visibility of the impact to your business.

    Sales Dashboard

    The Sales Dashboard home page will enable you to locate all of the relevant and important information that you need easy access to. From outstanding tasks and workflows to pipeline, forecasts and committed deal summaries. You decide what you need.

    CRM Reporting

    You can manage and generate reports in both graphical and list form, with bespoke filtering and drill down, the choice is yours. View summaries of business projections, performance and breakdowns and choose what you need for what’s important for your business.

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