Asset Management

Arcus Asset Tracking Software is a full on-line software solution that has been designed and built to ISO 55000 guidelines, to ensure the best business processes are used to track, monitor and manage all of your company’s assets. This includes IT and real estate assets, as well as the management of “soft” assets such as workflow and processes; and, it can alert your people when a process needs to be maintained or amended.

Each of your assets can have an individual entry and an Asset register can be easily imported and populated from existing spreadsheets. 

Its difficult to keep on top of every company asset you own or interact with. With our Asset Management Application you will have the ability to track all your assets and their value. This is particularly important because in many industries, keeping track of your assets plays a huge roll in meeting industry certifications and standards. By digitizing all asset information, it will also increase efficiency and help you save money.

Asset Tracking

Compliance & Configuration

Cost Monitoring

Depreciation & Maintenance

Lifecycle Tracking

Budget Planning

Eliminate Wastage

Reduced Procurement Time

  • Each of your Assets can have its own individual entry. Your existing Asset register can also easily be imported and populated from spreadsheets.

    Asset Cascade Calculator

    Great graphics will show how each Asset status affects other people and other assets.

    Manage Your Priorities

    You can set priorities to be applied for out of service, diminished capacity and many others choices

    QR Codes

    Allocate your QR codes and stick them onto assets for easy tracking; our solution includes QR code print capabilities onto your stickers. You can then use our great mobile application QR code reader on an iPhone or iPad to scan each asset and log the record back to the system after updating the status.

    Why use our Asset Tracking Software?

    Your assets are becoming more and more important, tracking what you have and where is crucial to good business management. Our Asset Tracking Software is a great standalone high functionality solution for those in the office as well as those managing remote assets.

    As with all of the Arcus applications, the greater advantage comes when you optimise them together and leverage connected relational information. In other words, information that is in one application that will benefit processes and workflows that reside in other applications, will seamlessly automate your business. An example could be information used within your e-HR platform could create notifications and alerts for Assets. Signed documents and contracts can be linked to the asset record from within Document and Contract Management. Our Asset Tracking Software will also enable you to truly optimise your Service Desk with your entire business.

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