Arcus Collaboration software allows you to create, edit, access, automate, share and store information with your fellow team members and know that your content is fully secure. Team Connect Content Collaboration will enable you to be much more productive and not depend on a collection of emails and shared document folders, it allows you to build working Team Rooms, these are restricted access areas which allow you to interact with internal teams and external clients. All Information such as blogs, projects and documents shared inside the Team Rooms stay inside the Team Rooms and only those authorised are able to view and interact.

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Co-Operative Writing

Discussion Boards

Document Management

Group Calendars

Project & Task Management

  • A place for Content Collaboration

    Day to day business involves people that need to work together. Our Team Connect enables you to create a virtual team room in the Cloud, add members and collaborate with them individually or collectively. This includes both internal and external users, including colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers. Content collaboration enables you to share ideas, knowledge and information.

    Track team activities

    Each Arcus Application has its own Dashboard which will give you fast and easy access to relevant information. The Team Connect dashboard provides one place for your team room member details, activities, tasks and summaries.

    Apply an approval process

    How can you get quick and efficient decisions made? By using Arcus Content Collaboration the inbuilt workflow and process automation capabilities will enable you to assign tasks or documents for review or approval to specific or multiple team members.

    Communicate with team members

    Team Connect Content Collaboration will enable you to securely communicate within the virtual team room with both internal and external users. You can start a new blog or comment on an existing one. You can also view and track all blogs including both current and past ones.

    Share and review documents

    There will be many documents that the team will utilise as part of the ongoing work between them. You can upload, share and review the objective or project documentation with other team room members. If you don't want to share everything with all members you can implement permission based authority for viewing, editing, uploading and downloading. There is also Simple version control that will ensure you are always working on the latest document with an audit trail of previous versions.

    Create and share projects

    Sometimes your collaborative work will involve detailed project plans. By simply adding our Project Management application you can enable the team members to generate and share detailed project plans, including tasks, milestones, scheduling and Gantt charts. Our Project Management will also enable you to manage complex Programs incorporating linked multiple projects.

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