Personnel Management "e-HR"

Arcus e-HR software will work for any size business and has been designed and built around the need to manage and engage with your people. e-HR holds your employee directory and all of the information that you wish to store regarding each of your people. Whether you have an HR Manager or you don't, it's not a problem as e-HR incorporates the functions, workflows and actions required to support your HR team or directly manage your staff through self-service functionality.

Employee Database

Attendance & Leave Management

Performance Appraisal & 360 Feedback

Employee Lifecycle Management

Expense & Timesheet Reporting

Recruitment & Onboarding Management

Self Service Portal

Compliance Management

  • Employee Directory

    Store all of the information you need to effectively manage your people. The information will be highly secure and password protected and you can use the general information as a contact database for all of your staff.

    Departments and Positions

    You can create and manage department structures and roles to exactly match your company and departments can be used for specific reporting, to group employees together for process automation as well as hold role position information. Each of your individual team members within e-HR will hold a position and the details, along with reporting structures, can be designed to fit how you want to work.

    Holiday Manager

    Automate the process of applying for and managing holidays and other leave. Our Holiday Manager software can work in tandem with other applications and can be utilised through a self-service function by each user.

    Organisation Charts

    You can manage real-time organisation charts for your company or department with attractive graphics that make this easy to work with and employee records that hold photographs for security identification.

    No HR Department? - Use HR Software for Small Business

    One of the key benefits of our e-HR is that the majority of the functions, workflows and actions required to manage your staff are built using self-service functionality. So that means you are not dependent on your own HR specialist to make this work for you. However, if you do have your own HR Manager and department then e-HR provides them with all of the tools to enable them to carry out their work more efficiently.

    Time Sheets

    You can create and manage user Time sheets and link them to attendance records as well as to projects and expenses. Time Sheets can be utilised through an easy to use self-service function by each of your users.

    360 Degree Reviews

    Employee reviews is another application also available via self-service access that allows employees to create questionnaires that can be auto-sent to colleagues and outside contacts. Feedback from these reviews are correlated into reports that show areas of strengths and weakness and each employee can be graded and compared. Reviews can be linked to objectives and other remuneration facilities.

    Objectives Management

    You can enable your staff and management to create individual, departmental and business objectives and goals with full processes available to set, review, agree, lock and unlock them.

    Online Expense Management

    A fully automated expenses management system enables you to enter, record, review, agree and pay expenses for employees. This can be also be fully linked to our Project Management application and can be used as a self-service option by each user.

    HR Reports

    Use our dynamic and real-time reports on all functional areas to understand the status of all of your ongoing HR activities.

    e-HR Software for Small Business, at the heart of your organisation

    Each individual process within each application is built around people and each process should work for their benefit. Because people are at the heart of your business how you manage them relates to many other business functions that can be addressed through Arcus applications. By understanding your people, their capabilities, availability and reporting lines you can control notifications, alerts, workflows and processes across the wider business.

    Think about logical workflows from CRM to Projects to Resource Management, Time Sheets and Expenses, these are just some examples that involve your people that will require you to manage the relationships with both processes and technology. Arcus e-HR has been designed to connect your people with your business. 

    For an In depth review of the E-HR suite please look on our Parent Company "Trivaeo Cloud Services" site here

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