Resource Management

Arcus Resource Management Software enables companies to manage customer-facing services which require the coordination of multiple resources into a single plan. This whole process can often involve costly, inefficient and inconvenient processes with spreadsheets, emails, calendars and dedicated administrators.

Our Resource Management software is a holistic cloud-based grid, incorporating feeds and real-time information including holidays planned or booked from each of your departments, important details from your employees, external contractors and partners, details of all of your business assets, all relevant calendar entries, all submitted time sheets as well as meeting room bookings.

It's a single planning application with the ability to automate the entire planning and booking process of all of your resources resulting in lower costs by freeing up your administrators for other tasks.

Capacity Management

Data Visualisation

Demand Forecasting

Employee Scheduling

Resource Allocation

Skills Tracking

Utilisation Management

Drag & Drop

  • Manage Resources on an Active Grid

    Resource Manager allows you to view an "Active Grid" of time-slots over a Day, Week or Month. The grid allows you to insert any resource and reserve or book that resource against the slot and the project. Time and resource clashes are notified automatically for all users. No more broken promises to customers or projects that did not include the correct people. This Active Grid transcends industries and can be used for any type of business.

    Book people, assets, equipment, rooms and skills

    Resources can be utilised from any part of your organisation. Not just your own staff but also contractors. Not just your own rooms but also those in hotels and studios. You can even book people by skill levels for any projects requiring resource planning. In short, if you have access to it, then Resources Manager can reserve, book and plan it for you.

    Why use Arcus Resource Management Software?

    Arcus Resource Management software provides real-time views and immediate notifications of how each one of your company’s resources are being used and enable you to plan on a day, week or monthly active grid. Resource Manager will also provide you with the ability to set up reoccurring events that will automatically book and confirm any resources required for any project or activity. Resource Manager can benefit many types of businesses from Hotels to Hospitals and from Production Studios to Manufacturing.

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