Service Desk Management

Arcus Service Desk Management Software is a full solution to manage all aspects of your service related processes, including support of all communication channels for inbound as well as outbound services via telephone, email and Social Media. You can log and record all service requests from your customers and you can allocate service levels adapted for each customer or product set.

We will help you organise and monitor your entire service process from start to finish for all of your services and products with timely reports for Knowledge Workers and Management. As with all of our applications when you integrate Service Desk with other applications in the suite or 3rd party applications through Business Information Glue you can optimise and automate your business wide processes.

Self-Service Portal

Alerts / Escalation

Automated Routing

Service Level Agreements

Inbox / Queue Management

Incident Management

Knowledge Base

Known Issue Management

Live Chat

Service Desk - ITIL/ITSM

Ticket Management

Surveys & Feedback

Cloud Hosted

Unlimited Help-Desks

Service Reporting

Integrate with Arcus CRM

Integrate with Arcus Project Management

  • Set your communication channels

    Service requests can come from multiple channels and each of them can be pre-set within the Software. All channels you choose can then be integrated into a single service request record so that you track and manage in one single conversation.

    Manage case status

    You can set the status of each case to suit your specific business needs and each call can be closed and re- opened as required.

    Manage Service Priorities

    You can set priorities for individual contacts, companies or products based on your specific business needs.

    Manage Alerts and Notifications

    As part of your required Service Level arrangements, you can set up and manage alert and notification plans for each company or product. These notifications can form part of an entire workflow that can be automated when specific service statuses are met or exceeded.

    Record all Requests

    Each service request will form an indelible log that is saved in the customer record and accessible via any report that you require.

    Access the Knowledge Base

    An internal and an external knowledge base can be built and stored and is accessible via any service request form to enable support staff or engineers to store solutions to problems along with best practices.

    Store all Attachments

    All relevant digital documents, diagrams and pictures can be attached and stored within the call record or knowledge base and is integrated as part of a controlled document management process.

    Performance Reports

    Your Management and Knowledge Workers can access any level of reports to provide historic and real-time information relating to the number of calls and status of service levels within each customer, asset or product.

    Why Use this Software?

    Our Service Desk Management Software is a comprehensive and fully functioning solution that can manage simple to complex requirements for any business to help you manage your commitments with your customers, your people, your partners etc. A successful service desk operation relies on the quality and timeliness of the information that it receives and the capabilities to manage and process it.

    Our approach is to consider that internal clients are equally as important as external clients.  This Service Desk application also features unlimited “Help Desks” that can be configured to handle tickets and actions from any part of your business.  Service Centre solutions with multiple queues such as this are normally never available at this price point. Arcus believes that even small business has the right to support internal and external clients with top quality systems and automated workflows.

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