Stock Management

Arcus Stock Management is a central solution for managing stock levels providing detailed and extremely granular control of stock. Works in tandem with CRM too, so orders accepted in the front office will automatically trigger stock requisitions for the warehouse team.  It seamlessly handles stock movements in/out, plus back orders for orders that cannot yet be fulfilled.  It also allows in-flight stock adjustment, monitoring of stock levels across the business, management of customer prices for stock held and tracking so you know where your stock is at any time.

Stock Control

Order Control

Stock Locations

Supplier Management

Stock Descriptions

In/Out Tracking

Stock Pricing

Stock Reporting

  • Integrated Document Management

    You can easily store, access and share documents through Arcus Document Management with your colleagues, customers and partners, and control who can see and do what through permissions control.

    Work with other people

    Our Stock Management application enables you to invite both internal and external participants into your system through the Self-Service User capabilities, where they can view and edit if permitted.

    Graphical Reporting

    Use our great tools to present stock status.

    Why use Arcus Stock Management?

    Stock Management software is a common and important part of many businesses. Unfortunately, the terminology used to describe stock systems is now being applied to many applications that are little more than document repositories and glorified spreadsheets. Our Stock Management is an application built in the true sense of the concept, it provides comprehensive capabilities, tools and reports, to enable efficient and effective management of all your stock

    Like all other Arcus Apps Contract Manager is fully optimised to interact with other applications within the platform to enable you to leverage relational information and make important decisions at the right time.

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