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20 Major Applications across Customer Relationship Management and super easy to use Enterprise Resource Planning.  One of the biggest complaints about mainstream CRM and ERP platforms is users say "I only use about 12% of it, the rest is useless to me!" Arcus recognises that flexibility to pick and mix the applications needed by any business is the key to allowing our clients to use all of it, fully and comprehensively.

Our solutions feature the ability for company admins to buy the applications or modules they want for as many users as they want with the ability to assign those application entitlements to their users as they see fit. Combine this with a no tie-in model where our clients subscribe for a month or a year at a time and can scale up or down on demand within their subscription has resulted in 100% of our software delivering 'value' to our clients 100% of the time.

The majority of organisations start with a Customer Relationship Management application and then branch out from there as their business needs dictate.  Give it a go, its easy.

No Obligation Trial and Onboarding

We want to make this really easy for you and not to feel pressurised into making a rushed decision. No credit card is required to get started. No commitments. Sign up and start configuring the solution for your company now. We give you a full 14 days to get settled in. In those 14 days you have access to onboarding videos and instruction to ensure you get the most out of the trial possible. Then, and only then do you decide if you'd like to continue using the solution. You can subscribe in the solution yourself at any time you choose!

In your trial period you will be provided with information to help you on your way. The team are here to support you too.  We want you to join our community and benefit from peer to peer support, We are motivated by your success and committed to growing our community for the benefit of all.




The platform technology we offer is functionally a mix of 20 genres of applications typically 'categorised' as CRM or ERP.  Most of our clients first use our Customer Relationship Management application and from there pick and mix from any of up to 68 additional applications across both categories.  Our clients decide what they want, how many users they want on each and may easily subscribe or unsubscribe from any individual application or package at any time.  There are 79 applications in total; and the number is always steadily growing. In addition we will soon be accepting feature and function requests direct from our users, the best most relevant one will be swiftly developed with our Agile development process.


The apps require no client side installation at all - they are consumed from the Cloud and on demand


Many applications are also supported by Mobile apps readily available on Google Play or the Apple App Store


Access your company and its applications anytime you have an online connection. Some apps even work offline!

The Apps are extremely effective

Intuitive to use, easy to setup when you first use them. They are written by the manufacturer, Trivaeo Cloud Services, to be able to be used with no user-guides or manuals. They do however have in application videos on each app that describes what they do and how to use them.

Customer Relationship Management

This is a foundation Application for any business that interacts with clients, customers, contacts, companies, suppliers and so on in any form.  This is typically the first application purchased and set up by our clients.

With it you can manage your entire customer relationship with very intuitive management of the sales process, including automation, alerting, dashboards, reports.  You can also manage campaigns, leads, opportunities, quotations, orders and handle your invoices, monitor email exchanges and get at a glance views on how your company is performing against its objectives.

e-Human Resources

The tools, applications and reports needed by even the smallest human resources team. Offers detailed administration and management of employee records, their holidays and entitlements (yes, they can even book their own holidays with an approval process too!).  Improvement in performance and training can be tracked in Employee Objectives.  Automated Organisation Chart (drag and drop).  Includes Timesheets and Expenses management platforms so your teams can submit time on projects/jobs/sites as they occur and they can even submit expenses into your approvals process automatically; including pictures or attachments of receipts.

Service and Help Desks

Offer your employees and your clients both internal and external help desks or service desks. Define your own Service Levels and use the inbuilt worklow, alerting and ensure you maintain a solid Service Level inside and outside your business. The application comes with full Administrative capabilities, the ability to control workflow for tickets raised and is supported by a native Knowledge Base Solution that puts things like 'Frequently Asked Questions' directly in the hands of your support operation.

Asset Management

This application set puts complete control of all assets held by your company and allows you to easily keep up with their location, maintenance status, age and many other 'tags'. You can also print QR-CODES for each asset to allow for super-easy tracking with our Asset Management Mobile Companion Application.  You can even describe the master items and the sub-items for complex asset management, attach photographs, documents, user guides and much more.


The Documents application ships by default with the base CRM application but finds itself used across multiple applications, so no matter which apps you add you have access to a consistent documents storage and management system. It features full user privilege controls at a per document level, a built in real-time editor (with multiple editors), notes and much more.  If you put a document on a lead, then promote that lead to an opportunity and then to an order and an invoice the document follows the process and is available to every facet of the jobs/tasks/projects/contact/customers lifecycle.  It also features fully automatic version control plus a built in alerting and notification system so you can be alerted of changes to documents you are waiting for updates against. 

Contracts Management

A detailed suite of capabilities to help your company to manage its critical contracts and the suppliers that may be included in your liabilities.  It also handles the recording of compliance activities, escrow and much more.  The products associated with contracts are also carried with each contract as is the relationships between contracts. Useful additional features include automatic alerts on the imminent expiry of contracts so that you can renew or review them before its too late.

Project Management

The Project Management application allows your project teams to work against planned budgets for projects of any size and scope.  The application provides granular control over resources that may be internal or external and can track costs versus projects in real-time. It features a full task management framework, Gantt charting, dashboards, reports, registries of sites and project sites.  It also links seamlessly with the Contracts App (if purchased) or with locally administered Contracts.  It allows for the capture of all original requirements, basic risk management.  It also features a project level capacity to store attachments dedicated to projects.  If you know what the Global Resources (people, assets, work, products etc) then you can watch and monitor your progress financially as you work on your projects as a team.  It also features the ability to track changes and deal with approvals for in-flight changes to the scope or deliverables in your projects, making it significantly easier for you to get paid for work completed.

Resource Management

Do you struggle with the diaries of your resources and who is free to go an do an installation for a customer tomorrow afternoon? If your business needs to have people in certain places at certain times to do jobs then you'll need the resource management application suite.  It provides a top-down view of your team, who is scheduled, who is free and allows you to plan for projects and work easily into the future.

Stock Management

Providing detailed and extremely granular control of stock. Works in tandem with CRM too, so orders accepted in the front office will automatically trigger stock requisitions for the warehouse team.  It seamlessly handles stock movements in/out, plus back orders for orders that cannot yet be fulfilled.  It also allows in-flight stock adjustment, monitoring of stock levels across the business, management of customer prices for stock held and tracking so you know where your stock is at any time.

Shared and General Capabilities

The platform as a whole is horizontally integrated, so it doesn't matter which applications you purchase, the linking between the applications is instant and automatic.  For example, if you use CRM and you record an order and you have purchased the Project application then the solution asks you if you want to create a project from the order.  So, think of all major application suites being aware of the licensed availability of other applications and changing their behaviour subtly but cleverly when you activate them.  No user integration is required. None.  Nix, Nada, get the idea.  It just works. It has been engineered to work this way.

  • Calendar

    Individual, Team, Resource & Company Calendars

  • Directory

    A white pages (411) for your business

  • Easy Mail

    Instantly communicate from the platform via email to any contact, customer, supplier or company

  • Custom Dictionaries

    Easily create your own syntax, drop-downs and form choices to use across the solution

  • eMail Notifications

    Alert your staff or customers/clients as necessary driven by simple business rules or workflow

  • Permission Groups

    Assign privileges to see, edit, update, delete or otherwise manipulate data across any application. Totally unlimited scope for user permission groups so you could even have a group per employee for perfect granular control of who can see and do what in your business

  • Xero

    Automtically link your company instance to Xero - the leading financial accounts platform

  • MailChimp

    Do you want world-class eMail campaigns? Of course you do. So we offer Out-of-the-Box integration with MailChimp so campaigns can be delivered via CRM yet still carry through and be executed on your MailChimp service.  The best of both worlds and its ridiculously easy to use.

  • Products / Services

    Manage your own detailed catalogue of all products you provide or sell plus all the services you are able to provide. You can even track the providers to you of these products and services; they don't have to be internal!

  • Google

    Integration to your Google Calendar and Contacts

  • Office 365

    Integration to Office 365 Calendar and Contacts

  • My World

    Each user gets their own dashboards that summarises everything that affects them, plus their own dashboards and reports. Includes all Requests, My Details, My Company, My Documents, My Holidays, My Team, My Sales Team, My Objectives, My Timesheets, My Expenses, SYNC Manager for Google/Office365 and My Projects; depending on the applications that the user has access to of course!

  • Multi Language

    English and French supported currently with more languages coming soon!

  • Admin

    Your Company Admins have full control over the entire solution and may purchase new applications on demand as well as unsubscribe from unnecessary ones with no perpetual commitment required. Use what you need, when you need it.  Please note any application can be purchased monthly or annually.  Cancellation of a subscription results in the application not being renewed at the end of the originally purchased term.

  • User Management

    Admins add users to companies by invitation only. It is impossible to join an existing company solution by any other means.  Users role and privileges are set by the Admins of each company.  Admins may approve or block any users at any time; as well as trigger password resets and more.

  • Mobile Applications

    We provide free mobile applications for iOS and Android devices for CRM and Asset Management applications.  You can even use them when offline! Imagine the ability for your engineers to use a QR Code reader to record their visit to service equipment you manage as an asset! As simple as point a camera at the QR-CODE and the job is done!  CRM works offline too so you can keep in touch with your customers even if you have no internet connection to your platform. See Mobile Apps for more details

  • Contact from Web

    Automates the capture of lead information from your website and puts the request straight into your CRM system.  Your CRM database grows by itself and your clients/prospects/customers are doing all the work for you!

  • Event from Web

    Do you want your customers to book their own appointments with your business?  Yes, it's possible, even from your website.  This application capability enables your customers to interact with your company calendar and book themselves into your next free appointment window! If you have SMS service available then it also sends out SMS reminders of the appointments they made!  I (Kamila) used to run a high-end Yoga business in Central London this way and I never had to worry about setting and recording bookings; my customers used to do it themselves!

  • Enhanced Features

    As an admin you have the ability to do a lot of really cool things; including setting your own 'notifications and tickers' to your team, define processes, workflows and how people should collaborate.  You can even build your own sub-apps in the system that model your business perfectly.

Also available to purchase

Other standalone applications that can be purchased by administrators are in many cases companion applications to the larger application genres listed above. A really good example here are timesheets and expenses.  Whilst these are components in the HR application it makes sense that your company has 1 HR Manager, but you want everyone in the company to do timesheets and submit their expenses electronically. So, we make it possible for you to buy individual sub-applications too at a significantly reduced cost.  This gives you the greatest flexibility to buy what you need; no more; no less!

  • Expenses Management

    Allow your employees to monitor the status of their expenses claims - and even associating them automatically with jobs and projects. They can submit new expenses themselves and include scans, pictures or documented receipts.  Yes, it also uses an approvals 'process'. Out-of-the-box integration to cost control of your projects has never been easier!

  • Holiday Manager

    Allow your employees to see at a glance their current annual holiday and vacation entitlements and even submit new requests for holiday to their manager

  • Task Management

    Hand out jobs and tasks to your employees as easily as recording the action in any relevant application and they'll be passed the task. You'll even get notified if it isn't done and the task will be escalated.  Never forget something that was promised to a customer again!

  • Bookings System

    Handle bookings for meeting rooms or car-parks and anything in between!

  • Timesheets Management

    Do you pay any of your employees or contractors by the hour?  Do you want to track time on site or time applied to any project by any resource across your teams?  Timesheets allows your resources to record their actual time on 'jobs', putting you in complete control of time in your business

  • Team Rooms

    Allows teams of employees plus clients to collaborate on projects and documents. Works very well with 'Self Service Users' so you can even invite your suppliers to log in to access a team room that you have given them access to. The ultimate coordination and collaboration tool

  • Self-Service Users

    Provide 3rd parties with the ability to become guest users on your company to see very specific things; like team rooms, or access to their documents.  Imagine planning to build a house for a client and the client has the ability to log in and see project progress on demand, or verify a drawing or a schematic. They can even work on the documents with you in real-time if you use the Team Rooms application! Think out of the box here!  These users have roles and permissions you assign; so think how giving your suppliers, contractors, customers and so on access to the system can help speed things along.

  • eMail Collector

    Completely automates the recording of all emails to and from a customer, contact, company etc to your CRM platform!

    Each company can buy and activate a dedicated system based email address that is unique to your solution. With this address, all correspondence from any email service on any provider for your employees can Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) or Carbon Copy (CC) with the collector address and the email is automatically added to the right place in your CRM solution! No Complex SMTP/POP3/IMAP integration - just CC your own collector and it will manage your CRM Communications histories for you.  This way, all client/customer/supplier/contact correspondence is automatically associated with the correct record with no intervention required at a system level.  All your staff can carry on using their own email providers; their phones; their G-Mail; yet their communications with clients will still appear attached to the CRM or other application record without any further integration. We don't force users to use our mail system; use yours; it still works brilliantly! 

    Please note if you purchase this application in your license manager please send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details of the email username you'd like your collector to use and we will configure and activate it for you.  This is the only application out of all 79 that requires us to provide you with any assistance to get set up!  There had to be a least one, right?

    The other really neat feature here is that when this collector is enabled all emails sent by the system to any contact in it is automatically added to their communications history too. If a member of your team sends a quotation to the customer the quotation is automatically added to their history! Even system automated notifications; requests for information, interacting with your help desk and more.  Think of this as a 360 degree view of all email correspondence with anyone your company has email correspondence with.

  • Documents Collaboration

    Allows multiple authors from any location to work on a single document, together, in real-time with an embedded office like editor. Works brilliantly in conjunction with Team Rooms, Projects, self-service users and so on

Security and Data Protection

The applications reside on a global software platform called CloudWorksIT by its owner, Trivaeo Cloud Services Ltd.  It has been running these applications since 2012 in geographically dislocated data-centres and is enterprise grade protected and secured.  Data is not stored in a central location but is mirrored and backed up in increments measured in minutes.

In the event that all your subscriptions expire then your data will not be lost but may be archived after a long period.  Please talk to us to recover your old company instance if you are a client returning back to the solution after a long time in an unsubscribed state.


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